Sara Miller, artist and designer  Sara Miller, artist and designer

I love the process of discovering media and materials.  Each time I venture into a new medium or a new material I must work with it while I let it speak to me of it’s capacities and possibilities, even it’s desires.  From then on we begin a dialogue, the materials and my own persona, a dance of what the materials want and can be conversing with what they make me feel and what I wish to express.  The final piece is a collaboration between us encompassing the expressions and possibilities of the material and myself.

My contribution to the dialogue often involves poise set against playfulness, structure set against evolution, balance offset by surprise…….

Take a look at my work and see if you can find me there in the materials and design.  Perhaps my conversation with the materials will speak to you as well.

Each of my pieces is one of a kind. If you notice something you like that has been sold, let me know.  I’ll be happy to see if I can recapture the mood and come up with something similar. If you like it, great. If not, there is no obligation. I will just post it for sale.  I am sure it will call out to someone else.

You can reach me via email at

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